S.H.I.N.E. Labels DUE (click here for complete details)

Friday, May 07, 2021

We are revving up for our annual fundraiser that acts as a serve-a-thon, where all of our students serve the community in a number of service projects throughout the school year, Serving Him In Neighborhoods Everywhere S.H.I.N.E.  Many classes have already served!  We invite our Calvary families to ask friends and family to be sponsors and donate to support your child’s day of service. 

This is what needs to be done:

  • Use the BLANK LABEL SHEET  each family received
  • NEATLY write out (in BLACK ink) labels with names and addresses of potential sponsors: family, friends, business associates, etc…people you genuinely believe would support your child, no matter how small the gift. Don’t forget yourself!  We ask that you aim for a minimum of 10 labels per family as a good goal, but 25 labels per family earns a student 4 free dress down days.
  • One donation or set of labels per family, not per student
  • Turn these labels in by Fri. May 7th.  Calvary will mail out sponsorship invitations to people you have on the labels.
  • You can also personally ask friends and family for donations and send those donations in to the school office.  
  • Keep SHINE in prayer daily, be specific, that your potential sponsors will help support you in this serve-a-thon and that the school will reach its goal.

 Student Rewards/Incentives:

 Earn 4  free DRESS DOWN DAYS for June 1 - 4 in one of 2 ways:

  • Your family makes a direct minimum donation of $200 by May 21, 2021
  • or, Your family submits a minimum of 25 valid and neatly written out labels for potential sponsors by May 7, 2021

Turn the following in to the school office or your child's teacher:

Family Donations are accepted in place of labels OR in addition to labels: Too busy to write out labels? In lieu of completing labels this year, or in addition to labels, simply enclose a check made payable to:  Calvary Academy or donate online on our website under GIVE or click on this link: https://ca-nj.client.renweb.com/renweb/donateonline/Web/System_campaign.cfm?District=CA-NJ&SchoolCode=&CampaignID=1

$200.00 min per FAMILY earns 4 free dress down days (one donation per family, not per student)

$_________  Family Donation  DUE by MAY 21st 

 Family Name: _____________________________

 _____ $ Enclosed  or  _____ Paid Online

Checks made payable to Calvary Academy and write Project SHINE on the memo line

Turn the following in to the school office or your child's teacher:

Labels DUE Fri May 7th

Family Name: _____________________________

            Number of Labels you are returning to the school

10 labels minimum requested per family 

A minimum of 25 labels per family earns 4 free dress down days

Please send in label sheet with this form; if you need more sheets of labels, just let us know.

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