Calvary Academy guidance fosters student commitment to a wise and faithful life and to career stewardship (Matt. 24:45; 25:14-30).  The wise and faithful steward commits himself to using all of his life to fulfill God's purposes in the world - regardless of his work role.  Guidance services encourages life and career stewardship in the students' academic, personal, and career development through a program of interactions with school personnel, parents, and college representatives.

Academic counseling is provided for each high school student.  Students are assisted with their course selection for each new semester, ensuring adequate credits are taken in order to graduate, and students are appropriately placed in regular or honors courses.

Counseling students for college begins in the ninth grade.  All high school students meet individually with the guidance counselor at least once per year to discuss their plans for the future.  In addition, all eleventh grade students take a comprehensive career guidance test that highlights their work-related strengths and weaknesses.  In the fall, we hold our annual "College Night" - an assembly where parents are apprised of the latest information on the college admission process. 

PSAT's are taken in the fall of the students' freshman, sophomore and junior years.  At the end of their junior year, students may take their SAT's.  Test preparation advice and help in the SAT registration process is provided by Calvary Academy guidance.

When it is time to begin sending applications to colleges, Calvary Academy guidance will assist by helping the application process, writing recommendations, sending transcripts, and advising parents and students with regard to scholarship programs. Graduates in recent classes have received over $750,000 in scholarships.

Calvary Academy subscribes to a guidance program that helps facilitate processing the Common Application with colleges and universities that use the Common App, which allows for a swift transfer of data and transcripts, and allows for an easier college application experience for the students.

Typically, 90% of Calvary Academy graduates enroll in college or military service and 10% enter the work force. Our students are accepted to prestigious Christian, private, and public institutions including colleges like Stanford & Princeton University. The highest level of scholarships are awarded to our students.

The chart below is just a sampling of universities our students have been accepted to: