Student Absence

Student Absence

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If you believe the student or anyone in your household has possibly been exposed to COVID-19, or if they have tested positive, reporting this is required here. Please report in the BOX ABOVE: 1. WHO in the household was possibly exposed or tested positive, 2. DATE of possible exposure or positive test, and 3. HOW possibly exposed. The Nurse will contact you for further info. and with next steps.

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For 5th grade or under, I am requesting Homework if time allows for this arrangement (pick-up at end of school day;) 6th Gr. & up, check FACTS Parent Portal)

  • 4 or more sequential days absent due to illness requires a doctor's note
  • Regardless of an absence being excused or unexcused, 6th-12th grade max absences per year = 15 days, Elementary = 25 days
  • Check Family Handbook under Resources for absences that are excusable and all Attendance policies
  • Confidentiality is kept in accordance with privacy laws.