Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2019 Registration:

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Registration Due May 10 with $175 deposit towards your summer camp cost. CLICK HERE TO PAY YOUR REGISTRATION DEPOSIT ONLINE

  • Age: ages 3-11, must be potty trained
  • 8 weeks available, weekdays from July 1 - Aug. 23, 2019, excludes July  4th
  • 9:00-3:00 each day
  • Before Care 8:00-9:00, and After Care 3:00-5:00, are available at additional rates (in order to staff Before Care or After Care, advance registration is required, we are not able to accommodate drop-ins/as needed)
  • $175 per 5 day week, $115 per 3 day week

Share this info with friends, registrants need not be Calvary Academy students   


5 Day Week

3 Day Week




 Before Care 8:00-9:00:  $6.00 minimum

After Care 3:00-5:00:  $6.00/hour, $6.00 minimum

PAYMENTS: Payments due monthly in advance, as follows:

For June, by May 17

For July, by June 7

For August, by July 12

Submit one Registration Form for EACH child you are registering.


Summer Camp Registration

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Address Where Child Resides*


Select Weeks, and if you need Before Care (BC) or After Care (AC) for each week*

Agreement: Children must be potty trained. If your child is prescribed an Epi-pen, 2 Epi-pens must be provided in order for your child to participate in this program, and staff trained in administering Epi-pens have permission to treat with the Epi-pen if needed. Field trips are at an additional cost. Registrants need not be Calvary Academy students. I agree to all provisions herein. I understand there are no refunds for missed days I have paid for, regardless of reason for absence. I agree to hold harmless Calvary Academy/Calvary Lighthouse, its affiliated organizations, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and drivers, from any and all claims arising from my child’s participation in this program and field trips. In case of accident, illness, or other emergency, I give permission for staff to call emergency services or a licensed physician or dentist even if I am not able to be reached. I authorize and consent to any medical treatment deemed advisable in the best judgment of emergency services, a licensed physician or dentist. I agree to assume the financial responsibility for expenses incurred as a result of such services and for emergency medical transportation. Click link at top of page to pay your $175 registration deposit online.

PRINT NAME IN BOX  AS SIGNATURE to show agreement to this statement: